Jason Schwartzman Expecting First Child, Grows a Weird Mustache in Anticipation

jason schwartzmanActor Jason Schwartzman's newest film Scott Pilgrim vs. The World with my boyfriend Michael Cera opens in theaters today. But there's even bigger news in Jason's life.

He and his wife, clothing designer Brady Cunningham, are expecting their first child in December. Wow, congratulations!

But Jason, what's with that freaky mustache?


On Jimmy Kimmel Live!, daddy-to-be Jason Schwartzman announced the good news and then he told us why he's wearing that mustache around.

"I decided to grow out this mustache, so when we take photos, my boy or girl, whatever it is, they will be embarrassed. So I am now thinking of ways to embarrass my unborn child," he said. "I have this mustache, and the reason I have this mustache is, when I was young, my father had a mustache ... growing up, it embarrassed me," Schwartzman explained about his late father.

In his new film, Gideon (Schwartzman) must battle Scott (Cera) who's trying to win the heart of Gideon's old girlfriend.

What do you think of that mustache? Is it embarrassing enough?


Image via Splashnews


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