Steven Slater: Why He Is a Toddler Parent Icon

A cool, composed Steven Slater
Before the inevitable Steven Slater over-saturation and backlash begins, let me point out the special place the rebel JetBlue flight attendant should have in the hearts of parents who drive around toddlers all day.

"Taxi driver" has always been the tag for the parents constantly at the Volvo wheel, but a cab ride is a quick and easy exchange. Isn't flight attendant a far better model?  


We have to force unruly passengers through safety procedures they don't understand and would just-as-soon skip. We have to provide food, beverages, and blankets on request or face wailing and crying. The slightest delay brings a flood of whines. We must convince passengers that there are some things they just can't do for themselves. And we have to do it all with a smile. 

So when I heard of Slater shouting his farewell "fuck-yous" over the intercom, grabbing a beer, and sliding out the emergency exit, my thoughts went immediately to all those grinding drives home from school or vacation.

Where's my intercom? My beer? My inflatable slide? Ah, probably wouldn't have had the guts anyway.


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