Samantha Cameron Makes 'Vanity Fair's Best Dressed 8 Months Into Pregnancy

samantha cameron carla bruni sarkozy
Samantha Cameron (right) with Carla Bruni-Sarkozy
We’re used to seeing Vanity Fair’s famous best-dressed list populated with celebs known for their style: Gwynnie, Halle, and so on. So it's a nice change this year to see a few political figures, like Michelle Obama and (predictably) Carla Bruni-Sarkozy.

Even more refreshing? A pregnant political figure. Samantha Cameron, wife of Prime Minister David Cameron, debuted on the list as the first visibly pregnant woman -- 8 months pregnant, at that!


And it’s high time! Wearing famed maternity designers such as Philip Lim and Erdem, Samantha sports the same styles that fashion-conscious preggos have been for years. Described as “realpolitik” by the fashion mag, she was praised for her clothing choices as well as her now-famous accessories: brooches and bib necklaces. Her dressed-down look? A pair of Converse and black knit maxi dress.

SamCam, as she’s known in many of the British papers, has also been spotted about town in cropped pants, an Alberta Ferretti gown, and a staple of many a maternity wardrobe, Gap jeans. And lest you think brooches and pins are the only ways she accessorizes, let’s not forget the Jimmy Choos that frequently grace her gams.

One of the keys to her maternity look (aside from having the money to buy whatever she wants) is that she doesn’t shy away from her shape. Rather than hiding behind billowy tops and shapeless shifts, she embraces her figure and continues to wear clothes tailored as they might be for a non-pregnant person -- clean lines, narrow silhouettes, and slim tailoring. And despite her burgeoning belly, Sam makes ample use of belts, cinching her waist for an even more defined shape.

Maternity fashion has blossomed in recent years, with lines from Isabella Oliver, Bella Blu, Philip Lim, and even Diane von Furstenberg. And with mid-range retailers like Nordstrom, The Gap, and Ann Taylor joining the fray, it’s becoming easier and easier for us to dress like pregnant women, instead of pregnant bellies. Cheers to Samantha Cameron for bringing that to the fore!


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