Ali Larter Waited Three Months to Share Her Pregnancy News: Did You?

The day I found out I was pregnant, the pee stick wasn't even dry before I was shouting my news from the rooftop.

It didn't occur to me to wait until the second trimester and I am baffled by those people -- like Ali Larter -- who can. What is the reason for waiting? Is it because of the risk of miscarriage?

I just figured if the worst happened, I would want my family's support so it was better if they knew.


Larter and her husband actually went off to Europe, where they enjoyed some time alone to just live with the news themselves.

"It was a very private time for me and my husband and something that I just wasn't ready to share, so we actually left the country for a while," the 33-year-old star told People magazine.

That sounds kind of nice and maybe if we had the funds, we would have gone off to Europe and kept our little secret.

Yeah, right.

Who am I kidding? I have no secrets and I like it that way. Believe me, if I go for a third, it will be on this blog 10 minutes after I tell my parents. No European jaunts for this mama!

How long did you wait to tell?

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