Lily Allen Pregnant Again Two Years After Miscarriage

After suffering a very public miscarriage in 2008, pop singer Lily Allen confirmed yesterday that she and boyfriend Sam Cooper are expecting their first child together.

She is said to be "delighted."

Two years ago the British singer was mourning the loss of her pregnancy with The Chemical Brothers' Ed Simons.

The news is thrilling, naturally, and she clearly waited a long time for another pregnancy (although was very vocal about trying) and had plenty of time to mourn the loss of the first pregnancy, but it does raise the question: How soon after a miscarriage can one start to try again?


Physically, many doctors say to wait one to three cycles, depending on the cause of the miscarriage, before starting to try again, but emotions can be another story.

Back in 2006, when my husband and I first pulled the goalie, I had a positive pregnancy test, which was followed by my period three days later. At the time, we were not ready for pregnancy so I felt relieved more than anything, but I did get pregnant with my daughter on the next cycle.

I wouldn't call what happened to me a miscarriage. We didn't have the time to build up the excitement and anticipation, to register, and to tell our friends and family. Lily Allen's news was all over the world when she lost the pregnancy and I imagine it must take time to grieve such a public loss.

Of course, I also understand anyone who tries to get pregnant again right after a miscarriage. Grief is individual and as long as your doctor is on board, you should do what makes sense for your family.

How long did you wait after a miscarriage before trying again?


Image via John VanderHaagen/Flickr

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