Christina Hendricks High School Yearbook Photo Is Adorable

christina hendricks high school yearbook photoChristina Hendricks seemed to come out of nowhere, fully formed and super-duper hot when she arrived on Mad Men.

Oozing sensuality, Joan captured our attention and remains one of the most interesting and sexy characters at Sterling, Cooper, Draper & Pryce.

Named Esquire's Most Beautiful Woman, Hendricks says she felt invisible before being cast on Mad Men. Her yearbook photos from Fairfax High School in Virginia tend to back this up.

Can you find Joan in the crowd?


She's got a bit of a dramatic look, but fits right in with the rest of the high school crowd in the 1990s. That's her in the second row, one in on the right. Her strong jaw line and full, dark lips give us a hint of the Hendricks to come.

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What does your high school yearbook photo say about you?


Image via Splash News

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