Are the 2s Really Terrible? Jerry O'Connell Says Yes, Doubly So

Jerry O'ConnellAt 19 months, Jerry O'Connell's twin daughters, Dolly and Charlie, are just a few months shy of the all-time most notorious age: 2. O'Connell says the age deserves its reputation ... and then some.

“I think my children are actually worse than the terrible twos,” he recently told People. "They’re just crazy. Listen, everyone says to us, ‘It gets better. It gets better.’ That has not been my experience. It seems to be worse and worse. My wife and I were talking about splitting up but neither of us want to take the children -- that’s our joke.”

He says it's even more difficult because they're raising twins, particularly when they fight over things.


“I show them, ‘Look, there’s absolutely no difference between either of these! You can pick either one and it’s exactly the same. There’s no reason to fight. We have two of everything in this house!’ They don’t get it because they want to fight over something.”

I don't know about raising twins, but my daughter is about the same age as O'Connell's twins. I have to say I'm a little scared as 2 approaches. Already we've started with the tantrums -- just ask anyone who was in my neighborhood Target last week.

With my son, we actually got through 2 pretty well; it was 3 that gave us more problems. I will never forget struggling in the parking lot of his new preschool for at least 20 minutes just to get him in his car seat as all the other mothers and children filed by hand-in-hand to their cars listening to him wail.

I know it's all about them testing limits and learning to listen, I'm just not sure I'm ready for it all again quite yet.

Was/is 2 as terrible as it's made out to be for your toddler? Or have you found behavior problems more challenging at another age?


Image via therainstopped/Flickr

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