Melissa Rycroft Wants Sushi; Which Forbidden Pregnancy Foods Do You Crave?

Melissa RycroftMelissa Rycroft finally has many of the things she's always wanted -- a great husband, a new baby on the way, and her career booming as co-host of the upcoming show Bachelor Pad. But the one thing she really wants, she can't have: Sushi!

"I've been craving foods I can't have," Rycroft told People. "All my body wants is sushi right now and I can't have that so I'm trying to make do. I'm eating for one and a prune right now."

Sure she could stick to California rolls and some of the safe sushi, but we all know it's just not the same as the stuff on the pregnancy no-nos list.


While nine months is a short time to deny yourself, that list seems so very long when you're pregnant and HUNGRY. Also, if you experience nausea and have strong food aversions, you're even further limited by the things that make you want to hurl.

The forbidden food I craved desperately when I was pregnant was deli meat. I wanted cold cuts and cheese piled high on grainy bread slathered with mustard and mayo. But since pregnant women aren't supposed to eat deli meat because of the risk of listeria, I just lusted after them.

Yes, I could heat the meat until steaming, but I don't like hot sandwiches. At home, I'd grill chicken breast and slice it thin, which was a good substitute, but oh how I yearned for a roast beef sub from Jimmy John's.

Some women told me I was crazy to be that cautious, and I know some who even eat sushi. What to eat during pregnancy is a choice each woman has to make for herself and her baby.

It sounds like Rycroft is taking a cautious approach, which I can relate to, as I can to her intense cravings.

Which forbidden foods do you crave when you were pregnant? Do you eat things on the "no-no list"?


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