Levi Johnston (Possibly) Fathering Another Child, Not Bristol's

It has been a wild ride for Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin since they first announced their pregnancy together back in 2008 while her mother, Sarah, was running for Vice-President.

They got engaged, had the baby, broke up, hated each other, went on national TV bashing one another, he posed for Playgirl, dated Kathy Griffin, and then they got engaged and started planning a reality show.


That's a lot for a pair of kids who are still under 20 years old.

And now, of course, there is something new: It looks like Johnston is one of three possible fathers for the baby currently gestating in ex-girlfriend Lanesia Garcia's womb.


The news came as Levi prepares to shoot a music video with Brittani Senser and Bristol is in Alaska with their 18-month-old son Tripp. She is said to be "devastated," according to RadarOnline. And now the engagement is supposedly called off.

I just feel bad for these kids. I realize he could probably have been more careful (they both could have), but can he really help it that he seems to be the most virile man in America? Perhaps there is a future for him beyond posing naked, music videos, and sperm donation.

The person I feel the most sorry for is little Tripp. He didn't ask for this scrutiny or the crazy back and forth of his parents. And though they aren't doing anything different than most 19-year-old kids, they are doing all of it without the most important thing: birth control.

Look into it.

What do you think of this news?


Image via bpende/Flickr

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