'Salt' Star Liev Schreiber Bathes With His Kids: Do You?

Liev SchreiberI sort of nodded when I read actor Liev Schreiber talking about how much he loves bath time with his sons, 3-year-old Sasha and 19-month-old Kai.

When I want to pop into the shower at night to get a jump start on the next day, 9 times out of 10 my daughter says, "Me too" and goes running for the bathroom, leaving a trail of clothing behind her.

It used to be cute and fun and convenient.


The Salt star told People:

"Bath time's pretty great -- it's fun to take a bath with your kids. I'd like to get to Sasha to stop turning the cold water on though!"

Let me say this: It used to be a lot of fun talking and splashing and making her laugh.

And considering I started doing it when my daughter was still a baby in order to get us both clean at once, it was once a lifesaver.

But now that she's too big for us to both easily fit in the tub for a bath, and now that she always wants to get in the shower with me, there's an eensy part of me that regrets the habit.

I'd like to shave my legs. Alone. Without someone slipping on the soap and falling into my arm just hard enough to leave a long cut down my calf.

I'm the adult here, so I can put my foot down -- and do. But it's a bit harder to say no to a habit than it is to say no when they ask for something outlandish like chocolate for breakfast or to jump off the couch.

It worked before, so why not now?

I'm not picking on Liev or fiancee Naomi Watts. I doubt I'd do anything different the second time around myself, but it's always nice to know what's down the road when you start a tradition.

Do you get in the tub with the kids?


Image via Porter Hovey/Flickr

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