Christina Applegate Pregnancy Turning Her Into Real-Life Kelly Bundy

Married With ChildrenWhile level-headed, polished Christina Applegate has always seemed worlds away from ditzy Kelly Bundy, who she played on Married With Children, pregnancy is blurring the distinction between the two a little bit it seems.

"You kinda go a little cuckoo. Yelling for no reason. It's almost out of body," Applegate recently told Jimmy Kimmel. "You're stepping back from yourself and you're watching this insane monster in front of you that's you. And you want to stop her, but she is kind of fun to watch. That's sort of what's been happening."

While I wouldn't call Kelly Bundy an insane monster, she was certainly a little cuckoo and definitely fun to watch.

As Applegate's pregnancy progresses, she can expect to have even more in common with her former TV self.


The Ditz Factor

Kelly Bundy's dumb blond moments are no match for pregnancy brain. If Applegate hasn't experienced it already, just wait. Kelly's proclivity for mispronouncing words like D-O-G will pale in comparison.


She may or may not be feeling it now, but there's definitely that point toward the beginning of the third trimester when some women report being HORN-Y. Fortunately, Applegate is in a great relationship with fiance Martyn LeNoble, so she can pass on the promiscuity Kelly so embraced.

Not All Picture-Perfect

While newborns are adorable and amazing, they're not easy. Married With Children was one of the first sitcoms that showed the hard realities of family life and didn't wrap it all up with a nice pretty bow. Kelly Bundy knew family life didn't have to be perfect to be good, and Applegate soon will too.

And, of course, there's the whole fact that Applegate recently got engaged, which means she's going to be: Married with children, or at least child ... for now.

Which television personality do you most resemble during pregnancy?

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