Melissa Rycroft Is Pregnant -- She's Finally Getting Her Happy Ending!

Melissa RycroftI am so glad to see that Melissa Rycroft is getting her happy ending (take that Jason Mesnick!). She's been blissfully married to insurance agent Tye Strickland since December and now ... has a baby on the way!

The pregnancy was an unexpected surprise. She tells Us Weekly, "[Tye] wanted the kids right away, and I was laughing at him going, 'No, not ready!'" 

Well, ready or not, here they come!


Melissa says her husband is very excited and has gotten really emotional about the news: "He's actually cried more than I have. Tye is caring, he's funny. He's going to be a great dad."


The Bachelor Pad co-host has already admitted that she's eating everything in sight: "Knowing me, I'm going to swell and gain 90 pounds." Hmm, doubt that. I foresee her being one of those women who only gain weight toward the end and then have the strange ability to lose it just as quickly.

Congratulations, Melissa!

Are you happy to hear that she's pregnant? Think she'll make a good mom?

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