Miranda Kerr Pregnant? Why I Don't Want to Know

Miranda Kerr
Miranda Kerr
After Miranda Kerr's top-secret wedding to Orlando Bloom last week, this week's pregnancy rumors were inevitable. They've been engaged for a month before quietly tying the knot. There could be only one explanation. She must be pregnant, right? According to a recent report on UsMagazine.com, she IS!

The newest rumors started when New York magazine reported that Kerr returned from her honeymoon wearing a long, flowy dress, and that she "canceled an appearance for David Jones next week, blaming the wedding and honeymoon."


The big theory was that Kerr didn't want anyone checking out her bump. Yet a day after the couple got back from their honeymoon, Kerr posed for a photo shoot in Los Angeles, where she showed off her new bob haircut and modeled black hot pants and a long gold coat. Maybe that's a sign that she doesn't have anything to hide. Or maybe that's a sign she has everything to hide. UsMagazine.com says that no official announcement will be made by the couple ... so it could still be speculation at this point.

Perhaps the bigger question is: Why do we even care? Is anyone else out there getting a little tired of this rabid fascination with pregnant celebrity moms? I mean, a woman gets pregnant every second (or something) in this country.

It's hard not to be fascinated when so many celebrities flaunt their pregnancies in our faces. From Tori Spelling to Kendra Wilkinson to Bethenny Frankel to Bristol Palin, getting pregnant and starting a family meant book deals, magazine covers, speeches, and reality TV shows.

Companies often pay $30,000 for these moms to give speeches and write books about stuff that most moms already know or do, and in many cases do much better. Watching mom reality shows is fun. They help us become a little more grateful that our everyday struggles with pregnancy or a family aren't broadcast for the world to see. Personally, these shows help me to appreciate my own mom, who did a much better job than any of these celeb moms by, you know, not broadcasting me on national TV when I was too young to know better.

But what does it mean for young girls who constantly see talent-less moms becoming famous simply because they keep poppin 'em out, like Kate Gosselin, Michelle Duggar, and Nadya Suleman? Getting pregnant helps garner publicity and gets your name in the headlines. For some moms, having a baby (or a few too many) is the only way they will ever be famous.

That's why I find it refreshing when celebrity moms try to hide or at least delay the news as long as possible. Kerr and Bloom were very under-the-radar about their engagement and nuptials. I think they deserve props if they keep the baby news (if any) as private as possible. Kerr, from what we've seen recently of her, just doesn't seem like the Octomom type.

On the other hand, the reason I'm writing and everyone is talking about Kerr in the first place is her famous husband. Maybe she's relishing in all the PR she can get now and will officially announce the baby news with Bloom in a couple months ... just in case we don't forget about her in the meantime.

What do you think of moms who use their pregnancy/kids for PR? Should we blame them or blame ourselves for indulging them?

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