Bethenny Frankel Teaches Us How Not to Shop For 'I Just Had a Baby' Undies

Bethenny Frankel's Assistant Max Meisel
Max Shopping for Bethenny's Post-Baby Panties
On the latest episode of Bethenny Getting Married, viewers watched as Bethenny Frankel's water broke five weeks before her due date. Frankel is in no way prepared for the baby and frantically sends her assistants out to buy the things she and the baby will need. Her young, male assistant Max Meisel gets sent to shop for "I just had a baby" underwear.

When I needed post-baby panties, I just picked up a package of granny panties at Target. But, this being reality tv, Max goes to Intimacy, a high-end lingerie store, to buy the undies.

The saleswoman starts off by giving him some good advice, like looking for something that is stretchy and soft at the waistband. But, then she suggests a thong. Huh?


Trust me on this -- you will NOT want to wear a thong home from the hospital after giving birth.

Here are three things you should look for when shopping for "I just had a baby" underwear:

  1. A soft, stretchy material. Whether you have a C-section or vaginal birth, you are going to have sensitive, sore areas and won't want anything that's too tight touching them.

  2. A full cut brief. You'll be wearing a bulky maxi pad for at least the first few weeks post-birth and you'll need enough material to hold that sucker in place.

  3. A cheap price tag. Skip the lingerie store. You're going to want to throw these panties away when you're done with them.

Want to laugh? Watch this video of Max shopping, including his hilarious indecision about what size to buy:




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