Wrong Sex? Try Again Jamie Oliver Style

Jamie Oliver and his wife Jools just celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary and Jools is pregnant with their fourth child.

The couple had their third daughter -- Petal Blossom Rainbow -- in April 2009 and Celebrity Chef Oliver has been very open about his desire for a baby boy.

According to the Press Association: "He has joked how he needs another male in the home as 'back-up' when he gets bossed around by the girls."

This whole notion of trying and trying to hit the gender jackpot is foreign to me, probably since I had my boy and my girl right away.


I'm so grateful for the opportunity to parent both genders. Growing up, I never thought I wanted a son, so imagine my surprise when I discovered that parenting a boy is a blast, too. I love his obsession with trucks and his grunting noises and the fact that he adores me above anyone else.

I'm sure a girl can feel that way, too, but my son thinks I'm the bee's knees and it has made my self-esteem soar. I know I would be missing out if my family were all girls like I had planned.

Of course, I also love parenting my daughter. She's as girly as they come. Yesterday, on a trip to Costco, she sported a petal-filled tutu, a pink shirt, pink shoes, and eight strands of pink and purple Mardi Gras beads. While there, she grabbed a Disney Princess book with Colorforms and the two of us played with them for hours when we got home while my husband and son built ramps for his motorcycle out of books in the next room.

It's very nice to have a gender-balanced family.

Of course, many people say gender is a construct and while I would like to believe that is true, watching my children gravitate toward the gender-specific toys makes me question that theory. He is such a boy stereotype and she is such a girl.

I think if I only had one gender of children, I might also keep trying like Oliver (especially if I had his resources for hiring help).

I feel extremely lucky to have been able to get one of each on two tries.

Would you keep trying until you got the right gender?


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