'Smart Girls at the Party': Amy Poehler Makes Being a Smart Girl Fun

Amy Poehler Smart Girls at the Party

Amy Miles, Amy Poehler, and Meredith Walker

Smart Girls at the Party -- where can I find this party? Why it's the new brainchild podcast series from actress Amy Poehler and friends, made especially for girls and young women, and it's already in its second season!

On this cool new website, Amy Poehler and co-hosts Meredith Walker and Amy Miles "celebrate girls who are changing the world by being themselves." Totally awesome.


Here's the Smart Girls at the Party promotional video:


Fun huh? Finally a site for girls that doesn't talk about makeup or Justin Bieber. And Amy Poehler is her usual smart and silly self throughout, which makes the site and its episodes all the more fun. Plus, there's a social networking membership sign-up so girls can connect with one another.

Here are some of the episodes so far, which feature interviews with smart girls:

Rachel: The Engineer

Anna the Yogini 

Cameron the Writer

Valentine the Gardener

Ruby the Feminist

Lea & Sarafina: the Sisters

Kenaudra the Dancer

Care Bears on Fire (1/2) (tween rock band)

Oh...so smart! Love it.

What do you think of Smart Girls at the Party? Will you send your daughter there?

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