Stella McCartney's Kids Will Go to Private School Until They Turn Into Snobs

stella mccartney kids schoolStella McCartney, daughter of Beatle Paul McCartney and photographer Linda McCartney, went to public schools as a kid. Her parents wanted their children to be down to earth and "mix with ordinary children," and Stella, now a multimillionaire fashion designer, says it was "one of the best things that could have happened to me."

Despite that, Stella, who is pregnant with her fourth child, sends her kids -- Miller, 4, Beckett, 2, and Bailey, 3, to private schools. Miller attends a school in West London, where supermodels Claudia Schiffer and Elle Macpherson send their kids.

But Stella is really struggling with her decision.


'It's one of my biggest internal struggles -- the fact that my kids are going to a posh school. It freaks me out."

Stella isn't that snotty though: She'll pull the kids out of private school if they ever become too "posh."

"If at any stage it looks like they're becoming total jerks and saying 'hello mummy' in posh voices, instead of running in and just being their awful selves, then you have to knock it on the head," she says.

So why doesn't she just send her kids to public schools?

"It's not realistic to live in the country at this stage. I've got a business in London. I beat myself up about it all the time."

Apparently the public schools and "ordinary" kids in London aren't "posh" enough for Stella. Guess that public school education didn't succeed in making her very down to earth after all.


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