Britney Spears Is a Ghetto Parent -- Are You?

britney spears ghetto parentingEveryone's talking about Chicago Sun-Times columnist Mary Mitchell's article "Ghetto Parenting Dooms Kids." No one seems to care about the content as much as they do the term she coined: "ghetto parenting."

Mitchell acknowledged that some people would be offended by her word choice -- and many were. In her follow-up article "C'mon, You Know Ghetto When You See It," she shared the comments she got on her Facebook page calling her a racist. But Mitchell says she never equated race or poverty with ghetto parenting in her original column and says she uses the term to describe a state of mind.

The most high-profile example of someone who could be accused of ghetto parenting? Britney Spears.


Mitchell writes,

In the middle of a fierce custody battle for her two young sons, Spears was photographed all over town partying, sans panties. There were repeated allegations of drug use, and Spears ended up doing several stints in a rehab facility. She also has had minor scrapes with the law, including two misdemeanor counts of hit and run.

The full impact Spears' ghetto parenting had on her children won't be known for years to come.

According to Mitchell, these are some examples of ghetto parenting:

  1. Curse around, and at, a child.
  2. Brawl with your man or woman in front of your child.
  3. Let your child roam the streets until somebody else’s mother has to tell the child to go home.
  4. Put your child off on friends and relatives because you want to hang out in the street.
  5. Get so hooked on substances that Family Services has to remove your children and place them with strangers.

What do you think about the phrase "ghetto parenting"? Is it offensive or insightful?

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