Angelina and Heidi Klum Rock Designer Maternity Wear: Would You?

Angelina Jolie and Heidi KlumThe news that Angelina Jolie and Heidi Klum wore a particular designer maternity dress shown on the Isabella Oliver site is bigger than the description of said dress (hat tip to MomFinds for finding the dress!).

Which may be their way of trying to convince you to plunk down $175 for a gown you can wear, um, maybe twice?


It's a cute dress, but the fact is I would still look like a hobbit compared to them if I wore their same dress.

In fact, find me a picture of each of them in that particular dress and they'd look better with a belly than I would without.

In this particular case, folks, that's just not a selling point. Because if you think it's bad when you and your coworker's wife both show up at the office party in the same dress, try having to compare your hippo self in a dress to the absolutely gorgeous Angelina.

She's going to take the "who rocked this outfit" prize every time.

Celebrities have a habit of looking fabulous at every moment of every day -- they have staff for that because if they don't, the paparazzi pounce.

Would you wear a maternity gown that a celebrity wore?


Image via Isabella Oliver

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