Ali Larter Pregnancy: Will She Regret the Whipped Cream Bikini?

Ali Larter -- perhaps most famous for her role in Varsity Blues that had her sporting a bikini made of nothing but whipped cream -- just announced that she and her husband are expecting their first child.

Though it has not been officially confirmed, Larter, 34, who also starred in Heroes, and her husband are said to be expecting the baby on Christmas Day. The couple was married last August.

And while I don't want to harp on the whipped cream bikini, I'm going to anyway. After all, a scene like that defines a moment in time when you're young enough (and hot enough) to do something like that.


I always wonder what happens to the actresses who do scenes like this when their children are older. Obviously this is a very tame example, but what about someone like Jenna Jameson?

Her triple-X-rated exploits will live for perpetuity. How will her children feel about that? Anyone who has done nudity in Hollywood has to assume that at some point their children will see that.

Jameson, of course, is a very extreme case and my guess is that her twin sons will not be lining up at the multiplex to see her get down and dirty (let's hope). As for the rest of Hollywood, I would be proud of my body if I were Larter (or Halle Berry or Kate Winslet or Madonna -- all of whom have children and have done nudity). I would say to my daughter: "Look how good your mom used to look."

What do you think of actresses who have done nudity and their kids?


Image via TV Squad Julia/Flickr

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