Penelope Cruz: Baby on the Way?

The Internet is suddenly abuzz with rumors of Penelope Cruz's pregnancy after she married Javier Bardem last month.

Though US Weekly stopped short of saying she was actually knocked up, they said that Bardem's sister said she would be soon. Which is really basically the same thing as an engraved announcement, right?

So, Bardem (drool) and Cruz have been married a month and they are already in the family way (potentially). This got me thinking a bit about timing, as in: How many years is ideal for marriage before baby comes?


From what I see in the marriages closest to me, three years is the standard. My husband and I were married 3.5 years when we had our first child and it worked quite nicely, I think.

In those 3.5 years we traveled to France, Ireland, Iceland, Morocco, and many other places all over the world and United States. We bought a house and a dog, we had tons of fantastic child-free nights and great sex and intimacy. They were good times.

We were a bit younger than Penelope Cruz who is 36, so perhaps we had more time to explore than others do, but I do think it's nice to have a bit of time to just be together. I would say this is especially true if your husband is Javier Bardem!

So, while I would be happy for them if it were true, I kind of hope they take that time since once it's over, it's gone.

Image via Cyr0z/Flickr

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