Malia Obama: Growth Spurt, Braces, and Month-Long Sleep-Away Camp

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The Obama family heads off to Bar Harbor,
Maine for the weekend.

School is out and summertime is well under way for the Obama girls. And it already looks likes it's slated to be a big summer for Malia Obama.

Ms. Malia turned 12 years old on her July 4th birthday, and she's starting her last year as a tween off with a bang --  growing like a weed, getting braces, and heading off by herself to summer camp for a whole month.

Read on to see what her dad (the President) has to say about all this.


Growth Spurt

Last week, President Obama took a few minutes during a campaign event to talk about his newly 12-year-old daughter Malia.

"Malia just turned 12," the President said (to which someone in the audience shouted "Good luck!"). "She's my baby. Even though she's 5' 9", she's still my baby."


He also mentioned her brand new gift from the orthodontist.

"She just got braces, which is good cause she looks like a kid. She's starting to look too old for me."

Month-Long Sleep-Away Camp

Then Thursday, President Obama told NBC that Malia will be heading to overnight camp for the first time. He was discussing the family's summer plans and said, "a month of it's going to be taken up with Malia going away for camp, which she's never done before. And I may shed a tear," Obama said, adding "when she's on the way up."

How exciting. A first daughter coming of age in the White House. Just one more year until we have a full-fledged teenager in there. What will happen next?

Can you believe President and Mrs. Obama are letting Malia go off to camp? I guess a camp somewhere is going to have plenty of secret service this summer.


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