Naomi Watts Keeps Toddler in a Stroller and More Moms I Wish I Could Be Like

hiking with kidsSometimes the news is a whole lot of "this is not my life ... but I wish it was."

  • Last week Celebrity Baby Scoop threw up a cute picture of actress Naomi Watts pushing her stroller around town. Which sounds like an every mother's life kind of thing -- until you notice son Sasha sitting contentedly in the front seat of the double stroller. Say what? My toddler would never do that, so Naomi, when you have a sec: Call me, I want to pick your brain. -- Celebrity Baby Scoop
  • Showing off my daughter's artwork consists of a magnet and the fridge, but these moms get fancy. And I would buy one of these cool museum quality exhibits ... if I ever thought I'd use one. -- Lil Sugar
  • Hiking with kids sounds like ... torture? Not the way this mom tells it. Her tips almost make me want to pack up the kid and hit the hills. Almost. -- Savvy Source via Yahoo! Shine

Image via respres/Flickr

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