Bristol and Levi: None Of Sarah Palin's Business

Bristol and LeviBristol Palin and Levi Johnston are planning to get married, and the world is in an uproar over whether her mother approves. 

Maybe, just maybe, it's none of Sarah Palin's beeswax?

Now 20 years old, these attention-loving teen parents are now officially adults and able to make their own choices, which they very clearly laid out for US Weekly.

As they were two years ago, when the news of their impending parental status broke and the world was similarly up in arms over these two young lovebirds getting hitched.


Their age, it seems, gives the world the sense that Mama Grizzly should have a say in what they do.


Eighteen has ceased to be the age of majority in anything but a legal sense in America, largely because the helicopter parenting movement has created a generation of man- and woman-children. Adults who, at 18, can't write a check or make their own beds.

And when they break the apron strings and make decisions on their own, they're faced with ominous warnings that they're the wrong ones, that they should listen to their mamas.

News flash: if our opinions still matter most as they progress through the latter teen years, how will they ever take responsibility for themselves?

I say this not without bias: I was 18 when I married, and my parents weren't crazy about the decision. A decade later, I am a mother of one -- now 5, so no, not the reason we wed -- and trying myself to balance the hands on with the letting go.

I'm not perfect. I've bought as much into the Instinctive Parenting Method as Montessori, taking other parents' bad examples (the woman whose 15 month old still wasn't walking simply because she was too afraid to LET GO OF HIS HANDS) as my "what not to do."

I don't know who my daughter will be at 18. But I know who I don't want her to be, based solely on other children I've seen:

  • The 18-year-old who can't be trusted to stay at home alone
  • The 18-year-old who can't make his own grilled cheese because he doesn't know HOW.
  • The 18-year-old who seeks mom's counsel not as a suggested starting point but as the one true answer.

So I'll say it again: who cares if Bristol and Levi's marriage makes it . . . or doesn't make it? It's their choice to sink . . . or swim.


Image via US Weekly

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