Tell Tori Spelling 3 Is Too Young for Twitter

Tori Spelling's son LiamIt's hard to tell whether the 16,600-plus followers of Tori Spelling's 3-year-old son Liam on Twitter are more or less pathetic than his own mom.

To be sure, what's good for Tori is anything that brings publicity to her, her TV show with husband Dean McDermott, and her books.

So that leaves the 16,599 people who are following LiamsWorld as I type this right now. Do you care what a 3-year-old has to say?


Would it be different if that 3-year-old came out of my non-celebrified cha cha?

Because most of what Tori is sharing is pretty run of the mill for 3-year-old-dom:

Oh my Gawd, I threw my books all over the floor and made a big mess.

Oh my Gawd, I drew on myself with marker.

It's the sort of stuff that would land you on STFU, Parents if you put it on your Facebook.

But, repeat after me, 16,599 of you are actually pretending to care because it's a celebrity talking about her kid being a kid.

Liam McDermott is certainly adorable. He's also still prone to comments like: "Oh no mama. We've got a problem ... my butt is farting again."

Which, come to think of it, is more pithy than the average tweet. But somehow that just makes putting a 3-year-old on Twitter worse.

I'm willing to bet none of his playdate pals are on there reading his tweets; it's not going to help his socialization skills the way a good old-fashioned "pass me the shovel" at the playground will.

So Liam, please get off Twitter and go draw ... on yourself or somewhere.

How young is too young for Twitter?


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