Suri Cruise's First Poop for Sale

suri cruise bronze statueIf you're in the market for a bronze statue of Suri Cruise's first poop, you're in luck. Artist Daniel Edwards made the statue in honor of the daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

He's the artist behind such other, uh, interesting works of art as "The Birth of Sean Preston," "Michelle Obama's Makeover for America," and "Brangelina Forever."

The statue will be for sale soon (no word on the asking price), and if you're interested in buying it (please tell me why you would be), you can contact Phantom Financial.


I've heard of parents having their kid's baby shoes cast in bronze, but this brings that sentimental idea to a whole new level.

At least the "poop" isn't really Suri's. As far as we know.

Would you ever have a statue of your child's poop made? Would you buy this one?


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