Jimmie Johnson Names Baby After His Car

jimmie johnson

NASCAR's Jimmie Johnson and wife Chandra had been calling their baby "Baby J," but as we all know, they had to pick a name before they checked out of the hospital.

I heard someone joke that their daughter should be named Victoria Lane -- get it? Like Victory Lane, a place the 48 team knows so well.

That's not her name, though. Baby J's real name is homage to the car Johnson drives.


The name was revealed to be Genevieve Marie. Or GM for short. Jimmie drives the Lowe's Chevrolet, part of the General Motors (GM) family.

But I can't help wondering if this is just a coincidence? Sure, they might have noticed the initials were GM and they played up the GM reference. Or maybe they are just setting her up to have a great NASCAR name. GM Johnson sounds like she'd be a really great race car driver.

By the way, at Chicago's race this past weekend, Jimmie didn't do so hot. He finished 25th. Not very Jimmie-like. Maybe he just couldn't focus because he was too excited to get home to his new family. Isn't she adorable?

jimmie johnson baby

What do you think of the name and nickname Jimmie and Chandi chose for their baby?

Images (top to bottom) pamarama/Flickr; Lowe's Racing

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