Celine Dion Is Expecting Two More Boys, Did She Want a Girl?

Celine DionCeline Dion is going to be the queen of her castle. The singer announced that her twins, due in November, are both boys.

She and husband, René Angelil, have a 9-year-old son, Rene-Charles

After so many years of trying, I'm sure she's thrilled about the babies no matter what sex they are, but I do always wonder when people find out they're having another of the same sex child they already have, if they wished for the other.

Is Celine experiencing gender disappointment?


Personally, I secretly hoped for another boy when I was pregnant with my daughter. Mostly because I was terrified of getting a strong-willed girl like me (which I got), but also because I like that whole idea of me surrounded by all my men.

I'm thrilled I got my girl though and now can't imagine not getting to raise a child of each sex. Many people don't though, and some are disappointed.

Some of my friends with boys mourn the loss of pink clothing and pigtails they'll never have, while other girl-only mamas want nothing more than to watch a boy play Little League. It doesn't mean they love their children any less, but many feel guilty saying they wanted something different, especially if they had trouble getting pregnant in the first place.

People are quick to say you should just be happy you have healthy children, but I think it's OK to be disappointed for not getting what you dreamed of or wanted. I wonder if Celine is.

Were you disappointed by your baby's sex?

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