Jennifer Aniston May Not Have to Get Pregnant After All

Jennifer AnistonEnough of this waffling about whether Jennifer Aniston is pregnant ... or not.

The spurned star may never have to carry a bun in her oven to be a mom. She's got plenty of single dads to date.

Like sexy Christopher Gartin -- who Celebitchy says was out on the town with Aniston recently, and has at least one child of his own.


Aniston's spokespeople say they're just friends (sigh), but there's got to be something to this stepmother path for the former Friends star. 

It worked for her ex -- Angelina was already a mom when she stole hooked up with Brad Pitt.

And we can't discount all those stepkids who are as connected -- if not more so -- to their stepmothers/fathers as they are to their biological set.

Brad Paisley wouldn't have gotten to the top of the US country charts with a song on the subject if there was nothing to it (try listening to "He Didn't Have to Be" at a stepkid's wedding and not cry -- it won't happen).

Besides, there are dozens of benefits to dating a single dad.

Says my friend Cary Fagan, a stepmom herself: "You get a real window into your potential mate's character. If he's a good daddy, chances are he'll be a good spouse. Oh -- and no stretch marks."

She also happens to love that stepkid (really, even more than the mark-free tummy). The Rebecca Walkers and the Cinderella's stepmothers of the world aside, she's much more the norm in my experience.

Being a single mom in Hollywood is hot right now, so let's bring out the single dads for Jen.

Who is your favorite sexy single dad?


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