'Real Housewives' Alexis Bellino Has a Drowning Scare With Her Twin Toddlers

alexis bellino real housewives ocThe Real Housewives of Orange County star Alexis Bellino posted this photo of herself and one of her twin daughters on Facebook with the caption "Its [sic] all about the family fourth of July!!!!!!!!"

But that happy note didn't mention the close call Alexis had that day when she left the stroller carrying her two toddlers unattended -- and it rolled into a pool.


Alexis and her husband Jim, parents to 2-year-old twin daughters Melania and Mackenna, were allegedly off "doing something," according to security at The Balboa Bay Club in Newport Beach, California.

Witnesses say the lifeguard pulled the stroller out of the water with one child still in it. Jim dove into the water to save his other daughter. But Jim told TMZ, "There was no lifeguard needed or involved."

This incident led one of her Facebook fans to leave this comment on Alexis's happy family Fourth of July photo: "All about family? How did this happen? TMZ says the kids' stroller went into the pool and Jim had to dive in to save her."

Alexis didn't respond, but another one of her fans defended her parenting: "Do you have kids? I'm neurotic about safety, but my kids have still had accidents, just like any other kid. I don't think I would leave a stroller next to a pool, but I'm sure I've done many other things w/o thinking that could have had a dangerous outcome. Geesh."

Have you ever left your toddler in a stroller next to a pool? Do you think Alexis is a bad parent or just didn't know any better?


Image via Alexis Bellino/Facebook

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