Bristol Palin Says Telling Mom Is Harder Than Labor

Bristol Palin
For Bristol Palin, telling her mother -- the then-Alaska Governor Sarah Palin -- about her pregnancy was "harder than labor."

The 17-year-old high school senior told Fox News that she really struggled in breaking the news to her mom.

I can barely even imagine how difficult that would be for anyone, let alone someone whose mother was in the limelight as much as Palin.

"I was just thinking they'd be disappointed, then realizing I'd have to grow up so fast. It was all extremely difficult. Going from a teen to an adult so quickly has been the most challenging part of motherhood," Palin told Fox.


I know I was in a very different position than Palin during my first pregnancy. I was married three years and had finished both college and grad school. We owned our own home and were generally considered "adults."

I wasn't even a little bit scared to tell my parents. They were on the phone before the pee stick was dry. But my husband's parents were trickier. They're more conservative, and we haven't had an easy time with them over the years for various reasons. Telling them was nerve-wracking, and we waited until I was 13 weeks along to do it.

Once we did, it was fine. They were happier than we expected and my husband and I were greatly relieved, but it's hard to have news as big as pregnancy and not be sure how people will react to it.

Eventually everyone may come around, but sometimes getting up the nerve to break the news can be scary for anyone, even those of us close to a decade older than 17.

Was there anyone you were afraid to tell?

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