'Hung' Star Thomas Jane Likes Pregnant Sex

Pregnant JohnPregnant sex was the topic of the evening during last Sunday's episode of the HBO comedy, Hung.

**Spoiler Alert**

Thomas Jane -- who plays Ray Drecker, a high school teacher turned male prostitute -- is hired by a pregnant woman whose husband left her. At first he is nervous and scared (look to the title of the show for more on why) that he will hurt the baby. Soon he discovers that he's struggling not because of girth or length, but because he's reminded of his ex-wife and how he "loved" to have sex with her while she was pregnant.

"It was just so full of hope," he says.


How many guys really feel like Ray?


It isn't easy to find statistics on pregnant sex. It seems some men are, like Jane, more turned on than ever and some men, like Tiki Barber, run for the hills.

To be fair to guys, I'm sure it's a little nervewracking. At first. After that, to me, it's a bit like a man who refuses to have sex when a woman is on her period. If you can't find me sexy when I'm at my most womanly, then you're probably not the kind of man I want to be having a baby with anyway. For the record, my husband neither loved nor hated pregnancy sex. To him it was just all part of the package of our sex life and our frequency stayed about the same.

Of course, there are also women who do not want to have pregnant sex, who would rather just be left alone for nine months and then the poor guy has no choice. Still, if you feel up for it, an orgasm is a great way to relax and take some of the strain off of those parts of the body that are working the hardest.

Additionally, sex is a nice way to stay connected to your partner, and later, it's even a great way to get labor started.

Was your man hot to trot while you were preggo?

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