Jennifer Aniston Pregnant ... Again

Jennifer Aniston
Why oh why are we all so obsessed with Jennifer Aniston's baby bump?

It seems every other month there is some tabloid claiming she's pregnant. This month it's OK! Magazine. If and when Aniston ever does become a mother, everyone will be so bored by the idea, no one will even write about it.

Honestly, I don't get it. She is beautiful, sure. And she is cute and spunky and we all hate Brad Pitt a little for dumping her to be with the biggest sanctimommy of them all, but really, why the obsession with her bump (or lack thereof?)

Can someone please explain this to me?


More than any other celebrity, Aniston's belly has been scrutinized. In the past year alone, the former star of Friends has had at least three OK! covers saying the same thing.

Last September, the magazine claimed she was "pregnant at 40." Then in April, they said she was having a baby with Gerard Butler. Why can't we just leave the woman alone?

I cannot imagine having so many proclamations about my private life each month. In real life, most would never go up to a woman and ask her when she was due or if she was pregnant unless they were darn sure she really was. So, why do we do it to poor Jen?

I say enough already. If she wants to have a baby, great. If not, great. Let's move on to other things and let her procreate the way she wants.


Image via cristee12/Flickr

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