Michael Jackson's Kids: One Year Later Are They More Normal?

Michael Jackson's kidsIf you're having a hard time believing Michael Jackson's been dead for an entire year, imagine what it's like for the King of Pop's kids.

MJ's three children celebrated their first Father's Day without dad this past weekend, and come Friday, June 25, they'll be facing exactly one year without Michael.


But while the rest of the world will be pulling the dramatic mourning that's become customary for fans of megastars (think pilgrimages to Graceland on the birthday of MJ's former father-in-law), it seems Prince Michael I, Paris, and Prince Michael II are actually finding life is more normal without him.

Losing their dad may be the biggest trauma of their lives, but sadly it may have been just the impetus needed to inject balance into their lives. 

Sources told PopEater this week that the kids have solid routines at grandma Katherine Jackson's house, and without Dad they've had a chance to escape his erratic lifestyle.

Katherine has enrolled the kids in private school come September, offering their first "regular" social life experiences after a lifetime of homeschooling. Most homeschool families make an effort to get their kids together with other homeschooling families to keep the children from being too isolated, but it's fair to say isolation was the name of the game for Michael's kids.

These days, the kids still have paparazzi shooting them as they walk out of karate classes or go for a fun day with dad's old pal Elizabeth Taylor, but they're allowed to walk around as themselves -- no masks required.

Still, I don't expect "normal" to be the mainstay for kids whose father's estate has generated $430 million in music sales in just one year.

Every time I see pictures of these kids, my heart breaks. Just further proof that money can't buy happiness.


Image via Splash News

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