Bethenny Frankel Planning for Baby #2

Bethenny FrankelAs wacky and drama-loving as all those Real Housewives are, at least one -- Bethenny Frankel -- appears to be a bit more grounded than usual when talking about motherhood and her new baby girl, Bryn.

Nothing like lots of poop and spit to bring a person back to reality.

Rumor has it that the RHONY reality star is already making plans for baby number 2. She told reporters at a promotional event for Pampers that another baby will be on the way soon if her husband, Jason Hoppy, gets what he wants. We've all heard our go-getter women pals use that line before. Make it sound like it's all the husband's idea. The fact that Frankel chose to broadcast it means she's certainly not opposed to the idea.


Frankel, creator of the new Skinny Girl workout DVD, who was incredibly thin during pregnancy and dropped back to her size 4, 117 pounds shortly after giving birth, has been criticized for setting unrealistic expectations for other women, encouraging them to starve themselves to keep their body shape. Yet Frankel shared her feelings on what I consider to be a pretty healthy outlook toward weight and food during pregnancy, so it seems those critics may have been jumping to some wrong conclusions.

Frankel told reporters that when she was carrying Bryn she ate a dessert every day, sometimes even cheesecake, but that the difference between her and other women is that she didn't go overboard. She said she could actually stand to lose another five pounds, but she may keep it because she likes it!

Now that's healthy. Maybe Bethenny should have more babies. A few more and she'll be pretty much normal.


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