Tori and Dean's Guncles' Baby Naming How-To

Bill Horn and Scout MastersonThe "guncles" from Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood have a new baby, so where did Simone Lynn Masterson-Horn get her name?

Turns out Bill Horn and Scout Masterson did what all us pregnant ladies did -- they hit the baby name books.


According to People, the couple searched out a section called "activist names," settling on Simone because it "denotes a strong woman."

The guncles love Nina Simone, but we're also thinking of Simone de Beauvoir. And according to the Baby Name Finder, it's a name that carries two meanings -- both of which are appropriate for a mover and shaker in this world.

In Hebrew, Simone means "loud." In French, it's translated as "heard."

A little girl who is loud and makes her voice heard? Yup, that's just right.

More activist names for your little fighter that we love come from Think Baby Names:

  • Abbie
  • Alton
  • Desmond
  • Eldridge
  • Julian
  • Kwasi
  • Luther
  • Martin
  • Nelson
  • Cora
  • Eleanor
  • Truth

The last one in particular has resonance, but I think choosing this route really depends what you're looking for -- to honor someone who has gone before or to find a name with a meaning that stands true to the cause?

What do you look for in a baby name?


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