Lindsay Lohan's SCRAM Anklet: Get One for Your Teen?

SCRAM ankle bracelet
Photo from Alcohol Monitoring Systems
SCRAM ankle bracelets, which offer continuous alcohol-monitoring technology, have been getting a lot of press since Ms. Lindsay Lohan was court ordered to wear one earlier this week for violating probation on her drunk driving case.

After hearing about its cool "Breathalyzer-like" capabilities, complete with tamper sensors and a house arrest alerter, many parents of rambunctious teens might be wondering, Where do I sign my teenager up?


SCRAM (for Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring) samples the perspiration on the skin. Once alcohol is consumed and enters the bloodstream, a small amount is released through the skin and then detected by the SCRAM.

What a great way to keep tabs on your teen-aged troublemaker!

Sorry, worried parents, according to AP, currently the SCRAM bracelets are only available through the courts, probation officers, and others whose job it is to make sure drunk drivers don't re-offend or even consume alcohol again.

For now, you'll have to stick to using a baby leash, a GPS tracking device, and/or the traditional "worry and pace" technique. Also, keep them away from this girl.

If SCRAM technology becomes available for home use, would you put one on your kid?

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