Why Kelly Preston Should Have Another Baby Shower

Kelly Preston
Photo from Amazon
Kelly Preston is making us all feel like anything's possible with her newly announced pregnancy at 47.

But it's been 10 years since she and husband John Travolta welcomed home daughter Ella Bleu -- does that mean she deserves a baby shower?


I always wonder when it comes to big age gaps whether women are going to opt for shower number two.

A friend recently gave birth to boys -- twins no less -- almost five years after the birth of her daughter; and she declined the shower because she felt it wasn't fair to ask people to shell out for her again.

I thought she was being too humble and bought her a gift anyway!

Perhaps her humility played a role, but the fact that she was having not one but two kids this time and the fact that they were a different gender all helped.

I have been invited to that second shower where I declined -- the shower planned just two years after the first baby's birth. One that stands out particularly was for a couple whose first child was a gender surprise ... and whose second was a gender surprise. They should have had a house full of neutral greens and yellows already, including the present I purchased the first time around.

But a lot has changed since Kelly and John had Ella. Even if they have a girl, and even if Ella's baby goods are still hanging around the house, some of it should be thrown out anyway:

  1. Drop-side cribs are a no-no.
  2. BPA-free is the way to be.
  3. LATCH is now available on car seats (which experts say should be replaced every five to eight years anyway).
  4. More clothes are available in organic cottons and with scratch-free tags for baby's delicate skin.

How long is respectable amount of time before a mom-to-be deserves a second baby shower?

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