Michelle Williams Shows Off a Black Eye at Cannes (Guess Who Gave it to Her?)

michelle williams matilda ledger
Photo by Splash News
As I sit unshowered in p.j.s (at noon), I've been admiring all the photos of the celebs at the Cannes Film Festival. I daydream about dressing up in a fancy dress, cozying up to a handsome co-star, and sipping cocktails with all the beautiful people, like say, Michelle Williams.

She's been turning heads all week (I'm loving her super blonde hair) with her gorgeous gowns, brilliant smiles, cute co-star (Ryan Gosling) and ... a black eye.


According to those who have seen the bruise up close, it's not that noticeable (I didn't see it in any photos), but she got it the night before the premiere of Blue Valentine. The culprit? Her daughter, 4-year-old Matilda Ledger.

"I wanted my daughter to sleep with me since we’re away from home," Michelle told New York magazine. "Then she kicked me in the face."

Seems like even Michelle's not immune to the dangers that come with having a toddler.

How do toddlers always know just the right moment to strike?

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