Miley Cyrus Lap-Dance Video With 44-Year-Old Man: Who's the Freak?

Miley Cyrus Adam Shankman lap dance
Photo from TMZ
TMZ has released a video of Miley Cyrus doing a "simulated" lap dance (wait, isn't a lap dance, by definition, simulating something else?) with So You Think You Can Dance judge Adam Shankman. She was 16 when the video was made and Shankman was 44.

Sure, he's openly gay, but that doesn't make the gyrations any less skeevy.


I was all set to defend Ms. Cyrus when I read the headline -- I mean, the "pole dance" drama was so not a big deal to me. However, this video is really naughty. And she's a teenager! And he's a grown man! Whether he's into girls or not, he should NOT be dancing with an under-aged one this way.

Sure, I know all about dirty dancing in clubs (or at weddings ... eek). It's just for fun. People do it all the time with friends and family (eesh!), but the little lap dance at the end looks like a body-to-body dry-hump to me, and I'm pretty grossed out.

Maybe Miley needs to get it together (here's where I blame the throes of teenage insanity), but I'm thinking Adam needs to lay off the Midori Sours and regain some judgment.

What do you think about this lap-dance "situation"? What would you do if you saw your daughter dancing like this with a grown man?

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