Amy Poehler Breaks Maternity Clothes Rule -- and Looks Awesome!

Amy Poehler baby bump
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty
Amy Poehler, could you be any cuter? Love the necklace. 

You can't see it here, but it's a simple silver medallion engraved with "Archie," the name of her first child, on a dog tag-like chain. I received something similar for Christmas one year with two medallions for each of my children's names.

Poehler was showing off her baby bump at a press conference at NBC Universal 2010 Summer Press Day in Pasadena, California, on Monday.

She was also breaking a golden rule in maternity clothing: Don't wear horizontal stripes or lines.


Many mom-to-be books tell you that horizontal lines cause the eye to look side to side, creating width you almost certainly don’t need. It doesn't seem to be a problem for Amy; I think those stripes call a good sort of attention to her adorable bump.

Some of the other maternity clothing "rules" floating around out there (I think it's time to edit these, don't you?):

  • Wearing one color from top to bottom (how boring)
  • Wearing dark colors (how dreary)
  • Clingy clothes make you look better (just wrong, have you checked out fabulous and flowy Claudia Schiffer lately?)
  • Avoid large patterns (well, I kinda agree with that, lest you look like a giant ladybug)

Are you breaking these or other maternity clothing rules?

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