Jillian Michaels Has It Right: Babies Hurt Bodies

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Jillian Michaels has gotten a lot of flack for saying that having a baby would be too much for her body.

But while female bloggers are getting indignant, did you ever stop to think that she's right?

And that sometimes there are things in life where the result sometimes makes up for the sacrifice?

To borrow a slogan from Michaels' industry -- no pain, no gain baby.


In an announcement that she plans to go the adoption route (good for her!), The Biggest Loser trainer apparently told Women's Health, "I can't handle doing that to my body."

Cue hundreds of frenzied women calling her shallow and vain.

But let's go through a few things I've dealt with in the wake of my pregnancy that have nothing at all to do with looking good in a bikini:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome -- although it's waned from the debilitating pain that made it difficult to hold my newborn, I still have trouble holding heavy pots of water to drain them, manually mixing many foods (folding the ingredients together for my husband's favorite peanut butter pie is agony), and carrying my daughter.
  • Back pain -- again something that's largely waned, I ended up in the physical therapist's to get my muscles back in some semblance of shape.
  • Acid reflux -- never suffered it before pregnancy, but I've spent the last five years on prescription medicine thanks to seven months of constantly throwing up. I try to go off of the meds, and the acid comes right back.

I've also noticed significantly more hairs growing out of a facial mole (yes, I'm a plucker) and I can no longer eat copious amount of my fave ingredient ever -- garlic -- because it makes me ill.

Take all that, put it in a bucket along with those jagged red lines crisscrossing my tummy, and I still say whatevs. I'd do it again in a New York minute to have my daughter.

The ends justified the means, but she still did a number on this here bod.

Do you think the outcry was unfair?

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