Jennifer Lopez: Balancing Toddler Twins and a Career Is Easy!

jennifer lopez
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty
I always thought having twins would be a blast -- until I had a toddler. Now I realize that having toddler twins would be my free pass to the funny farm.

It's hard having a toddler, working, and trying to have a life. Unless, of course, you're The Back-Up Plan star Jennifer Lopez.

She says it's no sweat.


J.Lo is mom to twin 2-year-olds Emme Maribel and Maximilian David; plus, she's got a big career, but she says it isn't tough at all.

"It was a balancing act," Lopez tells People. "I wouldn't say it was tough. I was working and my whole life was merging together, and it was just total happiness for me, a real feeling of wholeness."

The twins “do everything,” according to Lopez. “They sing, they dance, they pose ... they’ve been walking, they run.

“They tell me what to do. They’re fun ... they’re talking more, getting to full sentences and you’re like, ‘Seriously? Okay.'"

Despite her return to acting -- and a new album on the horizon -- Lopez says she wants to spend as much time with them as she can.

"Everybody, every parent always says to you, ‘It goes so fast! It goes so fast!’ and it’s true, two years have gone by so quickly and so I just want to be with them as much as we can until they are 18."

She's right about that, but as for it being "easy"? I guess that's where the nannies come in.

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