Suri Cruise's Latest Look -- Lipstick: Toddlerazzi

suri cruise katie holmes
Photo by Splash News
It was only a matter of time: When you start wearing high heels at age three (your own not your mommy's), it only makes sense that lipstick won't be too far behind.

Here, Suri is wearing a pretty pink gloss (probably Chanel or something fancy like that).

Since I'm in no hurry for my own toddler to become a big girl, it's obvious that Katie Holmes and I are not on the same parenting wavelength.


Sure, it's fun to play dress up, but this is the real thing not make believe.

Interestingly, even though 4-year-old Suri wears heels and makeup, she still clings to a blanket and uses a bottle -- sure signs that she's still just a little girl. Why the rush?

Do you let your toddlers wear heels and makeup for anything other than playing dress up?

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