Corey Haim Dies From Overdose

Corey Haim

Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty

Former child star Corey Haim (you'd know him for his roles in the 80s classics Lost Boys, Lucas, and License to Drive) died this morning from a drug overdose. He was 38.


It seems like his death, though sad, was not unepxected.

sharivegas0614: I saw it coming but for us growing up watching him in movies it's still a shock and I'm a bit sad.

hippiemamaof2: I'm sad but I'm not surprised. I feel bad for child stars, it doesn't seem like anyone wants to make the transition for them any easier.

warmcoffee: I just read about it! It really saddens me that so many celebrities are passing away, especially from drug overdoses and addictions to prescription medications. The Lost Boys is one of my family's (and mine) favorite movies. Love the singing in the tub scene. May be R.I.P.

Were you a fan of Corey Haim back in the day?

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