iMaxi for the iPad

iPad holder

Photo from Etsy; $30

Oh Apple, you asked for it when you decided to name your newest product iPad.

Women everywhere snickered when the product name was announced, and while it's old news now, my inner eleven-year-old still giggled when I came across this case for the iPad, aptly called an iMaxi. Tee hee.


Hip Handmaids has created these holders that give your iPad basic even has protective wings to keep it in place. The iMaxi comes in both white and red (gross!) and costs $30 plus shipping. Now if they have waterproof ones...I'll be quite impressed.

So if you're one of the folks flocking to your nearest Apple store on April 3rd to get your overhyped iPad, make sure to give it the protection it deserves. Have a happy period computing. 

Think this product is cool, funny, or a little gross?

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