Canada Wins in OT, Apollo Wins Yet Again: Olympic Highlights Days 15-17

sidney crosby

Photo from Olympics/NBC

Canada wins gold in men's hockey, Apollo Ohno wins 8th medal, US wins four-man bobsled. More Olympic highlights after the jump.


My heart hurts. I really thought the men's hockey team was going to win it all. They did good though, darn good. I was screaming at my TV like a friggin maniac. For those of you that missed the game (and the million times it's been highlighted on the news since), US was down 2-1 in the gold medal game. With 24 seconds left, they score, sending it into overtime. Unfortunately, about ten minutes into OT, Canadian's Sidney Crosby got it past Ryan Miller to sink it into the net, winning the gold. Even though we lost, that was one heck of a game and I give my compliments to Canada. I can only imagine what kind of impact that single game will have on hockey.

Apollo Ohno didn't let a disqualification in the men's 500m get him down. He came back on Friday night full speed in the men's 5,000 relay, his team picking up the bronze making it his 8th gold medal. Dang, that's a lot of bling.

The Swedes took the gold for woman's curling, beating Canada 7-6 in the extra eleventh end. You know, I watched curling throughout the entire Olympics and I still don't understand it! Sigh.

Steve Holcomb piloted his four man bobsled team, aka the "Night Train," to gold victory, the first time for the US in 62 years.

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