U.S. Hockey Loses, Petersen Pulls "Hurricane" Move: Olympic Highlights Day 14


Photo from Olympics/NBC

Canadians beat U.S. in hockey, Canadian men advance in curling, Jeret Petersen pulls off crazy move. More Olympic highlights after the jump.


Well, I guess I'm putting a foot in my mouth for all the trash-talking I've been doing. Canada beat our women's hockey team last night 2-0, winning the gold. Rats. Congratulations, Canada.

Canada beat out Sweden to advance to the finals in men's curling. They will go up against Norway and their crazy clown pants for the gold medal.

German skier Viktoria Resenburg surprised even herself after winning the gold for the giant slalum. Even though she had an amazing time, she barely celebrated after her run, assuming one of the five skiers remaining would beat her. Congrats, Viktoria!

Jeret Petersen took a risk, and it paid off. He pulled off a crazy move called a "Hurricane" in the freestyle skiing. It consists of wrapping five twists into three somersaults as he vaults off the ramp and 50 feet in the air. The score for that particular jump was the highest of the night, but unfortunately, with the other jump scores combined, Belarussian Alexei Grishin took the gold. But hey, a silver medal ain't too shabby. 

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