5 Best Wii Games for Moms

  • Mario Party

    Mario Party Wii Game

    Photo from Nintendo; $49.99

    Of course, the original Nintendo hero had to make our list! This game consists of tons of mini-games and makes for a really fun family game night. You can race mopeds, jump rope, shoot each other off of a roof, and more...all in one sitting.

    Why moms love it: mommy_lisa25, "We have enough controllers that all of us can play at the same time and it's a bunch of little games within one game. It's a blast!" 


  • Cooking Mama

    cooking mama wii

    Photo from Nintendo; $19.99

    Stir, slice, chop, and grate your way through this animated cooking game.

    Why moms love it: Your picky eater isn't very adventurous so virtual cooking is the way to go if you want to move beyond chicken tenders and Spaghettio's. And there's no clean-up afterwards.

  • Wii Fit

    wii fit

    Photo from Nintendo; $249.95

    This is a favorite among moms because it truly is fun to work out. Yes, I used fun and work out in the same sentence.

    Why moms love it: You can break a sweat in your living room while the baby is napping.

  • Wii Sports & Wii Sports Resort

    wii sports resort

    Photo from Nintendo; $49.99

    This sports game collection is always a favorite. Even if you've never touched a Wii controller before, if you've played the sport (or have seen it played), you can end up being pretty darn decent. My first time ever touching a Wii remote was playing bowling on Wii Sports...and I rocked it!

    lovinglife80 says, "Wii Sports Resort has so many different games on there: bowling, basketball, archery, canoeing, water skiing, swordfighting, and others. It's so fun!"

    Why moms love it: They can have fun playing it on their own or with their entire family and it's geared towards all ages. Now that's an investment!

  • Endless Ocean

    endless ocean wii game

    Photo from Nintendo; $29.99

    Underwater exploration game that lets you discover shipwrecks, befriend dolphins, and photograph colorful fish.

    Why moms love it:  mom22tumblebugs says it's her favorite because, "It's relaxing. You are a scuba diver discovering fish in the ocean. A very pretty game."

    Relaxation: something every mom could use a little more of.



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