Rochette Skates for Mom, Dutch Skates in Wrong Lane: Olympic Highlights Day 12

Joannie Rochette

Photo from Olympics/NBC

Ice skater performs in aftermath of mother's death, Sven Kramer skated in the wrong lane, and Nagasu owns the short program, even with a bloody nose. More Olympic highlights after the jump.


It was an emotional night for Canadian ice skater, Joanie Rochette, as she performed for the first time without her mother watching her, who passed way only two days ago from a heart attack. Joanie looked beautiful out there...her mother definitely would have been proud.

Dutch Speed skater Sven Kramer made a big uh-oh. Well, his coach did and he listened to him. For some odd reason, his coach told him to skate in the wrong lane. My question is, "Why?!?" He did as he was told and it cost him the gold. This is one of those times where I think it would've been safe to say that the coach did not know best.

Maybe nature was trying to add to her Pirates of the Caribbean ice skating routine, but American Mirai Nagasu didn't flinch when, halfway through, her nose started to bleed, thanks to the elevation. But that didn't slow her down and she took the first place slot mid-way through the short program.

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